🤔 How do developers learn rapidly changing frameworks?

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Learning Rapidly Changing Frameworks

In the summer term of 2018, I studied CS6460 at Georgia Institute of Technology; during this course, I researched how developers learn rapidly changing frameworks. This is closely related to just-in-time learning and informal learning. Below are the various work products of this research, working in what I believe is order of most interesting to least interesting.

An interactive version of this document is available at turnrye.com/learning-rapidly-changing-frameworks


The final paper represents the culmination of this effort. It contains the writing associated with this pilot research and is one of the final deliverables for the CS6460 course. The final paper directory contains the source for this writing.


A presentation is available covering this material. The slides for this are also available.


The research data is available end-to-end. The survey questions are available for review. The raw survey responses are available, as well as the source of the Pandas script that generated the various results (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11). Many more resources are available, and I suggest browsing the repository to review these additional materials.

An additional interview survey was proposed and attempted, however due to lack of participation it did not contribute to the overall paper. The script for the survey is available in this repository as well.


The coursework for this is available. The raw writing and references are available in markdown and bibtex format in the coursework folder. The generated PDFs are available below:

Note that many of these materials contributed to the final paper.